An inclusive leader discusses marketing strategy with her team

Inclusive Marketing: How CMOs and Senior Leaders Can Integrate DEI into Strategy and Planning

White Papers Nov 13, 2023

This white paper, a collaboration between The Diversity Movement and the American Marketing Association, explains how to integrate DEI principles into your long-term business strategy. Tailored for CEOs, CMOs, and other executive leaders, this resource provides practical guidance and real-life examples on incorporating inclusive marketing to expand market share, boost brand loyalty, and drive product innovation.

When executive leaders prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, they drive long-term sustainable success. But where to begin? This white paper describes how to craft an effective DEI strategy, beginning with a comprehensive assessment, cycling through achievable goals, and spotlighting measurable results.

Discover how inclusive marketing can foster deeper customer connections, amplify underrepresented voices, and enhance brand interactions. As an inclusive leader, learn how you can inspire employees, increase productivity, and shape a welcoming workplace culture. Along the way, you and your organization will also become better equipped to thrive in an ever-changing global economy.


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