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Our team of DEI experts, practitioners, thought-leaders, and business executives has created an essential collection of content to help you build your own strategy. These templates, guides, and tips provide the foundation for high-impact, cost-effective DEI initiatives for any business.

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Download: 10 High-Impact, Cost-Effective DEI Strategies for Tight Budgets

10 High-impact, Cost-Effective DEI Strategies for Tight Budgets
Learn 10 efficient, cost-effective strategies so your business can keep investing in diversity, equity and inclusion, even when money is tight.

Watch: From Critical to Curious - Finding Common Ground with DEI Late Adopters

From Critical to Curious: Finding Common Ground with DEI Late Adopters
Join us for a webinar to hear from a panel of seasoned diversity advocates as they share their perspectives, advice, and lessons learned in counteracting DEI resistance.

MicroVideo: How to Write a DEI Strategy

How to Write a DEI Strategy
Recognize the critical importance of creating a DEI strategy and capturing your plan in a written document. Follow this expert guidance on the steps to take to develop and draft your strategic plan for DEI, and the best sequence to address them.

Download: 5-Step Roadmap to DEI Success - Integrating DEI into Business Strategy

5-Step Roadmap to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Success: Integrating DEI into Business Strategy
Despite the clear business case for diversity, many organizations still struggle to align their workplace culture with their DEI strategy.

Download: DEI Strategic Plan Workbook

Strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Plan
Building a strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plan is a crucial step in creating sustainable business benefits.
Want to take the next step and learn how to measure the impact of your DEI initiatives? Watch Practical Advice for How to Measure DEI Success

Senior executives and DEI leaders often wonder if their DEI efforts are working. Yet only 38% of organizations track DEI metrics, and roughly half of organizations that capture DEI data focus exclusively on compliance-focused workforce demographics, (Source: HR Research Institute). If you are not measuring the right data, it can be nearly impossible to demonstrate the return on investment of your DEI initiatives, leading to lack of buy-in, budget, and the resources required to be successful. Knowing what to measure and how to effectively report progress is critical to delivering DEI impact.

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