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TDM Library Webinar

Bringing an Inclusive Workplace Home: Supporting Parents and Families of LGBTQ+ Youth 

Employees don’t leave the rest of their lives at the door when they enter the workplace. When someone is worried about their family, especially their children, it can significantly affect their focus, performance, and overall mental health. For parents and families of LGBTQ+ youth, these concerns are often intensified by the challenges and stressors that come with navigating a society with increasingly prevalent discriminatory laws and policies. The workplace can be the only place families of LGBTQ+ youth can experience inclusion in action and receive the necessary support to weather external pressures and discrimination. 

For this TDM Library webinar, we are joined by Debora Lucindo, Director of Clinical Training at Workplace Options, to discuss actions leaders can take to support these families, enhance the well-being of their employees, and promote a culture of belonging in their daily lives and in the workplace. 

2024 Virtual Privilege Walk

Headshot of Jackie Ferguson

Thursday, July 25 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Join us for our annual virtual privilege walk, led by the creator of the session, Jackie Ferguson. This is a live-only event, so make sure you clear your schedule to join us.

Get a Glimpse of the Experience

What is privilege? People often link privilege to race, gender, or affluence. Others believe privilege is connected to how hard you work or a direct reflection of you as an individual, but is it really?

Explore the complex concept of privilege with a virtual privilege walk. Jackie will guide attendees through 41 questions to uncover personal levels of privilege. After the walk, a panel of special guests will discuss their privilege numbers and experiences with privilege throughout their lives. Leave the session empowered to interact with more empathy and kindness in every space, and with all people – in the workplace and beyond.

Praise for TDM's Virtual Privilege Walk

More than 10,000 individuals at organizations across the globe have benefited from participating in our virtual privilege walks. Here's what a few past participants have to say about their experience.

"Words can hardly describe the amount of insight and emotion conveyed in this webinar. It felt like I was a part of something much greater than myself."

"I've never participated in a privilege walk before and didn't know what to expect. I was in awe of the content and sharing of participants."

"Jackie was incredibly warm, welcoming and inclusive. I loved her energy. The panelists were so brave in their vulnerability."

"It was a very moving and emotional experience. Great time and space to reflect on the privilege I have and how I can advocate others and support my students to overcome their own barriers."

"This is my second year attending this event and I always walk away with a renewed awareness and charge to always use my experiences to inspire and encourage others. This year was no different."

"Best webinar I've ever attended."

Meet the Facilitator

Headshot of Jackie Ferguson

Jackie Ferguson, CDE

Jackie Ferguson is co-founder and vice president of content and programming at The Diversity Movement. A member of the 2023 Inc. Female Founders 200 list, she wrote the bestselling The Inclusive Language Handbook: A Guide to Better Communication and Transformational Leadership. Ferguson hosts “Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox” a podcast cited among the top 5% downloaded globally.

Panelists to be announced shortly.

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The Inclusive Leadership Handbook: Balancing People and Performance for Sustainable Growth

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