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Ideas that Work: High-impact, Cost-Effective DEI Strategies for Every Business Budget

Guidebooks May 22, 2023

The economy is getting tighter and companies are under pressure to cut costs. They’re slashing nonessential programs, and unfortunately, the budget for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is often one of the first to go. But when organizations lay off their DEI manager or pause professional training, how can their DEI efforts continue? This action-oriented white paper will explore low-cost and no-cost DEI strategies like budget-friendly training, employee resource groups and inclusive language, so culture-centric organizations can continue building inclusive workplaces.

Whether the company is in cost-cutting mode or it’s a small organization with a lean budget to begin with, these practical DEI tips can help boost belonging, employee morale, and retention. The business case for DEI is clear: Companies that invest in DEI are better able to survive a financial downturn and will emerge stronger when the economy improves. This guidebook explains how to do that creatively and efficiently.


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