A Guide to Disability Inclusion

Disability Inclusion Guide

Guidebooks May 26, 2023

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), which celebrates and commemorates the contributions people with disabilities have made to the workplace and the national economy at large. It’s also a chance to consider the disability employment gap and how your company can attract and retain talented employees with disabilities.

But it doesn't end there—disability inclusion is also a smart business move. Our Guide to Disability Inclusion explains how you can unlock workplace excellence by fostering a culture of belonging, while expanding your brand's reach through digital accessibility and inclusive marketing. The result? Increased productivity, innovation, brand loyalty, and marketability.

Creating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture means going beyond compliance. Our guidebook provides actionable steps to remove barriers and promote full inclusion. It's time to embrace disability inclusion and build a sustainable program that benefits your organization and society as a whole. Get started with our guidebook today.


Allison Bennett

Allison Bennett, CDE, is Manager, Inclusive Marketing at The Diversity Movement. She provides B2B digital marketing with experience in project management and building professional development courses.