Black woman in professional dress smiling at the camera using a wheelchair

A Guide to Disability Pride Month: Celebrating Accessibility and Inclusion

Articles Jun 28, 2023

More than 61 million people in the U.S. – roughly 1 in 4 adults – have some type of disability. Every July, their achievements, contributions, and resilience are celebrated during Disability Pride Month. The annual observance in the U.S. commemorates the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in July 1990.

The first official Disability Pride celebration happened in 2015, when a New York parade honored the 25th anniversary of the landmark civil rights legislation. However, the origins of Disability Pride Month can be traced to the disability rights movement, which sought to challenge societal barriers and advocate for equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Disability Pride Month is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in dismantling barriers and promoting accessibility, while acknowledging the work that still needs to be done. It is also a chance for business leaders to recognize the strengths and talents of individuals with disabilities and to highlight the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and equal opportunities. 


Amber Keister

Amber (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and content strategist for The Diversity Movement. She writes, researches, and edits TDM articles, guides, videos, and more.