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11 Tips for Effective DEI Training

Checklists Nov 2, 2023

A key component of any successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is education and training. The only way to influence attitudes and workplace behavior is to set workplace expectations and give people the training they need to be successful. After more than three years of conducting transformative DEI training sessions, we’ve found that the most meaningful programs are those customized to fit the needs of each organization and team. Decades of research has also shown that workplace training programs have little impact if DEI isn’t integrated into the company’s culture. One-off sessions and compliance-based training won’t have the lasting impacts necessary to improve employee engagement, retention, innovation, and other bottom-line outcomes.   

In our work with more than 100 clients across the world, we’ve come up with 11 tips that will ensure your training doesn’t fall flat.


Kaela Sosa

Kaela (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and curriculum and programming manager at The Diversity Movement. She applies her writing, project management, and production skills to advance DEI.