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The Benefits of Digital Learning at The Diversity Movement: How Emerging Solo DEI Practitioners Can Take Action and Deliver Results

Articles May 20, 2022

Digital learning is powerful. It allows us to learn at a deeper level than we would in a traditional classroom or by consuming a stack of dense, dry textbooks. Digital learning also affords those who are visual learners – and others who desire to think deeply about a subject from a different perspective – with the opportunity to do so.

One of the first steps in my own journey into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a profession was DEI learning at Cornell University. Cornell is an exceptional school with a reputable track record for education. My decision to attend was driven by my uncle’s recommendation – my uncle who happens to be a veteran DEI practitioner, EEO program manager, and Human Resource professional. He recommended the program because he knew that learning about DEI as a career would help me make sense of how to create impact after the murder of George Floyd. His death sparked huge emotion in me, and I was compelled to make a change.

Attending Cornell, I learned at a high level about the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. My course helped me separate DEI within the workplace from social justice outside of the workplace. It was backed with data, facts, and resources. Going deeper into the field, two years later, I accepted my current role as DEI Advisor with The Diversity Movement.


Brentley Wright

Brentley (he/him) is the DEI Advisor for DEI Navigator, the company’s monthly membership service designed exclusively for businesses committed to DEI action and results.