The Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial Verdict

Articles Nov 21, 2021

Ahmaud Arbery was a 25-year-old runner who was shot and killed by two people while out for a run two miles from his home in Georgia last February. During his run, he entered a house that was under construction, left quickly without taking or damaging anything, then was pursued by three people in two vehicles who lived in the neighborhood. He was shot three times at close range during a struggle.

He did not commit a crime, nor was he armed. He was Black, and the people who killed him were White. They were not arrested until nearly three months later, when video footage of the shooting was released to a local news station and quickly went viral. Now, the people who killed Ahmaud Arbery are on trial for murder, and their consequences will be determined by twelve jurors -- only one of whom is Black and eleven of whom are White.


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