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Jackie Ferguson (she/her) specializes in creating world-changing content as Vice President of Content and Programming at The Diversity Movement. She co-founded TDM with the idea of revolutionizing workplaces through diversity-led initiatives that ultimately improve lives and communities. A bestselling author, Ferguson wrote The Inclusive Language Handbook: A Guide to Better Communication and Transformational Leadership, sold in 15 countries around the world. The Inclusive Language Handbook has sparked a revolution in the way people communicate. She hosts the “Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox” podcast, recently cited among the top 5% downloaded globally. The podcast provides a platform for trailblazers, senior business leaders, game-changers, and glass-ceiling breakers to share their inspiring stories, lessons learned, and insights on business, inclusion, and personal development.

Ferguson has earned extensive recognition for her accomplishments including being named to the 2023 Inc. Female Founders 200 list, the 200 women leaders across America who are “shaping the world into a better place.” Her team also created TDM’s MicroVideos library, recognized as a “World Changing Idea” by Fast Company. In 2021, the company was named “Best In Business” in DE&I Advocacy by Inc. Magazine.

A certified diversity executive, Ferguson is a member of the Forbes Business Council, National Diversity Council, and has published in or been an expert commentator for numerous publications, including Forbes, WRAL TechWire, Almanac, Fast Company, Well + Good, and others. She is an in-demand keynote speaker on diversity and belonging topics. Ferguson is an alumna of the University of South Florida and lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

The Inclusive Language Handbook Everyday Quick Sheet
Using inclusive language means consciously working to find ways to name, honor, and value experiences and identities. By learning to speak to diverse audiences, you can broaden your reach and transfer your message to more people.
Words can uplift, empower and affirm and words can leave invisible wounds on the hearts and spirits of those around us. Our word choices matter to our teams, families and communities. Choose love.

Privilege is Not a Dirty Word
Understanding privilege is a step toward empathy and helps to build a more inclusive culture. It helps us realize that there is so much more to people than the few personas they introduce to you.
Often privilege is associated with race, gender or affluence. We all have some levels of privilege that we can leverage to advocate for others in our workplaces and communities. Know your privilege and use it for good.

Thinking Differently About Neurodiversity
However, only recently has neurodiversity come to the forefront and been realized as thinking styles that foster innovation, problem solving and creativity in business rather than being regarded as a disadvantage.
Cultivating neurodiverse minds in the workplace leads to enhanced creativity and innovation for your business.

MicroVideo: What is Inclusive Language?
Analyze what’s meant by “inclusive language,” perhaps more deeply than you have before. Consider how inclusive language differs from being “politically correct.” Learn how this valuable method of communicating can help you better honor, engage, and connect with others.
Communication is the center of business. Do you know how your words are landing with your audiences?

Diversity Challenges in the Housing Industry, with Homebridge Financial’s Brian “Woody” White
Brian “Woody” White has seen it all in his 35 year career as a technology executive - overt racism, sabotage, unconscious bias, and being the only person of color in the room
Woody White advocates from the top for systemic change, and inclusion all around him. How are we advocating for change in our own lives?

The Word Choice Workshop: Inclusive Language Tips for Everyday Business
Learn to communicate more effectively by building your inclusive language skills in this free workshop.
The old adage about sticks and stones is wrong. Words can hurt or heal. What are your words doing?

Engaging (or Not) in Tough Conversations as a Marginalized Person
As tough conversations about social issues become increasingly common in the workplace, it’s important that those asked know how to navigate these moments in a way that feels safe and comfortable
We have to move outside our comfort zones to learn and grow. Be open to the process.

The Power of Teamwork: Why Diverse Teams Drive Stronger Growth
To win in the marketplace, now and in the future, leaders must create, grow, and maintain high-performing teams.
We are always stronger when we challenge thinking and push boundaries. Diverse teams create sustainable business.

What is Hair Discrimination?
Gain an understanding of hair discrimination -- the unfair social and economic treatment of a person or group based on their hair’s style and texture. Recognize the negative impacts on Black women and others with afro-textured hair. Learn how to counteract this problem in the workplace.
Professional dress codes do not exclude the way my hair grows out of my head. Period.

How to Talk About Anti-Racism Without Getting Into Politics
Here are some ways that companies can implement an anti-racist culture initiative without wading into the charged waters of politics.
Systemic inequities are a human rights issue, not a political issue. What’s political about being safe and respected? Let’s move past us versus them and move into we versus hate, ignorance and assumptions.

The Making of “Who We Are”
As content creators, marketers, and storytellers, it is critical that we understand the power of video to educate and empower people. And put that power to good use by telling diverse stories that communicate the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Who we are is beautiful, and we are better together.
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