The Word Choice Workshop

The Word Choice Workshop: Inclusive Language Tips for Everyday Business

Webinars Apr 21, 2022

April 21, 2022

Learn to communicate more effectively by building your inclusive language skills in this free workshop.

About the Workshop

Have you ever felt excluded, offended, or misunderstood because of a word or a phrase someone used? Ever felt uncomfortable – or at a loss for what to say – when talking about some aspect of personal identity? If so, you’re not alone.

It can be hard to know how to communicate appropriately, both in our personal lives and in the workplace. Sometimes, it’s challenging to know what language to avoid, and other times, what language is the most respectful. In our ever-evolving society, how people describe themselves is always changing too. But one thing is certain:

No matter who you are or the work you do, your word choice matters. Thoughtfully chosen words can be powerful relationship builders, while ill-chosen or unthinking comments can alienate and offend. In the workplace specifically, repeating harmful language over time creates a toxic company culture, high employee turnover, and a damaged reputation.

We are here to help. In this 1-hour workshop we'll cover:

  • How to consistently use respectful language that promotes inclusion, productivity, and teamwork
  • Professional best practices for choosing words that help every individual feel valued, supported, and motivated
  • What we’ve learned and what has evolved throughout our 2-year inclusive language journey
  • Inclusive language issues we’re still watching and working through

Meet the Facilitators

Jackie Ferguson headshot

Jackie Ferguson, CDE

Head of Content & Programming, The Diversity Movement

Jackie (she/her) spent the majority of her career in various aspects of business in small startups to large Fortune 500 companies before earning her designation as Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and becoming co-founder of The Diversity Movement. In her role as Head of Content & Programming for TDM, Jackie ensures premium educational content across all platforms. She is a member of the Forbes Business Council and the National Diversity Council and is published in Forbes and Almanac, among other publications. Jackie is a keynote speaker on diversity and belonging topics. She also hosts the Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox podcast, rated as one of the top 10 diversity podcasts to follow.

Roxanne Bellamy headshot

Roxanne Bellamy, CDE

Managing Editor, The Diversity Movement

Roxanne (she/her) believes wholeheartedly that words shape reality and that a writer’s job, especially regarding DEI, is to put the best words in the best order to shape the best reality. As a Certified Diversity Executive and Managing Editor at The Diversity Movement, she writes, researches, and edits our courses, guides, articles, and more on top of managing our team of freelance content contributors. Roxanne has a bachelor’s degree in English and linguistics from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master’s of Philosophy from Cambridge University in England.


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