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Guest Blog: How to Have a Civil Conversation in 7 Steps

Checklists Nov 19, 2020

Guest Blog by Eric Galton

The Goal of a Civil Conversation:

  • To understand... not to win or persuade.
  • To walk away with a better understanding and
    mutual respect.

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Eric Galton, a licensed attorney in Texas, is the Co-owner of Lakeside Mediation Center. He has been a full-time mediator for nearly 30 years, having mediated over 7,500 disputes throughout the US, primarily in Texas. Eric served as an adjunct professor at University of Texas School of Law for eight years and continues to serve as an adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine School of Law. He has published five books about mediation and travels nationwide teaching the course he developed entitled 'Restoring Civil Discourse in an Overheated Society.' This article was first published by Eric on Linkedin.


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