Image of confidence Muslim businesswoman and her colleagues.

Guest Blog: A Multicultural Manager or ‘Boss of the World’ Gives Companies an Edge in the Global Marketplace

Articles Sep 19, 2022

If companies want to succeed on the world stage, managers and leaders with a global perspective are essential. And what better way to get that perspective than to cultivate bosses who come from foreign, intersectional, or multicultural backgrounds?

Image of confidence Muslim businesswoman and her colleagues. Professional Malaysian business team looking at camera.

As a volunteer with 100 Roses from Concrete, a nonprofit networking organization for people of color in communications, I recently collaborated with a group of new graduates on their personal and professional growth. During a virtual meeting, a young woman who wears a hijab and identifies as a North African Arab, told me what would really help her in her career.

“I wish we could have more multicultural icons such as yourself, who truly understand our versatile and different lived experiences in this industry,” she said. “We really need managers we can look up to, who can relate to us and what we go through in life.”


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