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DEI Burnout: Tips to Fix It and Prevent It

Guidebooks May 26, 2023

Social justice movements over the past two years have fueled a reactive urgency and pressure for comprehensive, organization-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Of course, DEI isn’t new, but for a while, DEI programs were seeing renewed attention, passion, and commitment from all levels and all industries. Now, DEI leaders are exhausted and so are the employees they support, but that doesn’t make DEI as a business growth strategy any less important to your organization's success.

Our guidebook offers practical tips and advice to support your DEI leaders and get your strategy back on track. By supporting your DEI leaders with necessary tools, money, people, and time, you set them up for sustainable success. And, you help them better navigate employees’ DEI burnout by re-energizing and reimagining DEI programs to reach every member of your organization. That way, you keep moving toward better business outcomes.


Allison Bennett

Allison Bennett, CDE, is Manager, Inclusive Marketing at The Diversity Movement. She provides B2B digital marketing with experience in project management and building professional development courses.