Bold Association Leadership: Preparing to Engage the Next Generation of Members

White Papers May 24, 2024

Associations are uniquely positioned to thrive in an evolving workplace landscape, leveraging diverse perspectives from large organizations and solopreneurs alike. With a strategic vision extending years into the future, associations can address critical issues like shifting demographics. As Generation Z, the most ethnically diverse and LGBTQ+ inclusive generation, enters the workforce, associations must adapt to meet their expectations for an inclusive workplace culture, career development, and personalized communication.

This white paper offers actionable insights for associations to stay relevant and sustainable. Learn how to rethink membership models, emphasizing flexibility and equity for individuals and young professionals. Address the "pipeline issue" by ensuring the best talent sees the value of professional associations. Discover key strategies to drive member engagement: effective communication, fostering physical and psychological safety, promoting DEI, cultivating inclusive leadership, and providing robust professional development.

By embedding these strategies into their mission, vision, and values, associations can support and inspire the next generation, ensuring long-term success and impact.


Jamie Ousterout

Jamie (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and vice president of Client Success for The Diversity Movement. She is the main point of contact for clients, helping take action on DEI journeys.