Man of Indian descent joins a video call with a diverse team

Better Cross-Cultural Teams: A Guide to Working with Indian Professionals

Guidebooks Sep 28, 2023

Today's business centers on a global footprint, virtual access, and multinational vendors. Business leaders and professionals are expected to work harmoniously with counterparts from many different cultures and backgrounds. As more U.S. companies venture into the Indian market and seek to partner with Indian businesses, it will become more important to establish trusted relationships built on a willingness to understand cultural differences.

India is filled with cherished cultures, breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and honored traditions. From the beauty of the temples to the flavorful curries, the intricate saris to the extensive railways, the beautiful Taj Mahal to the influences of Bollywood, every part of the country manifests something special and unique.

In this guidebook, we explore the culture and customs of the Indian business landscape to understand the:

  1. Benefits of cultural competence, inclusive leadership, professional development, and effective communication in cross-cultural business interactions
  2. Overview of India's business landscape
  3. Importance of understanding Indian culture and customs


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