Joyce Fang, Marketing Director, Vaco

Ask the Expert: Achieving DEI Wins at Work and Beyond Through Empathy and Action

Articles Sep 1, 2023

Through our work with hundreds of clients, The Diversity Movement has connected with thousands of fascinating people who are creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces and communities. For our “Ask the Expert” series, we invite leaders to talk about their DEI journey, lessons they’ve learned, and what inspires them every day. 

Joyce Fang, Marketing Director, Vaco

Joyce Fang, Marketing Director, Vaco

Joyce Fang ideates and executes branding initiatives, and designs highly targeted international marketing campaigns to drive action within target markets, raise funds, and outperform competitors. Utilizing an MBA, international business consultancy background, and graphic design-based communication skills, Joyce’s expertise is in startup business strategy and brand activation.


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