TDM Library Webinar - "Bringing an Inclusive Workplace Home: Supporting Parents and Families of LGBTQ+ Youth"

Webinars Jun 9, 2024

Employees don’t leave the rest of their lives at the door when they enter the workplace. When someone is worried about their family, especially their children, it can significantly affect their focus, performance, and overall mental health. For parents and families of LGBTQ+ youth, these concerns are often intensified by the challenges and stressors that come with navigating a society with increasingly prevalent discriminatory laws and policies. The workplace can be the only place families of LGBTQ+ youth can experience inclusion in action and receive the necessary support to weather external pressures and discrimination. 

For this TDM Library webinar, we are joined by Débora Lucindo, Director of Clinical Training at Workplace Options, to discuss actions leaders can take to support these families, enhance the well-being of their employees, and promote a culture of belonging in their daily lives and in the workplace. 

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