Neurodiversity at Work: Welcoming Fresh Perspectives to Spark Innovation

TDM Library Webinar - "Neurodiversity at Work: Welcoming Fresh Perspectives to Spark Innovation"

Webinars Apr 1, 2024

The power of a diverse workforce includes the invaluable talents, strengths, and contributions of neurodivergent team members. Join TDM Library’s webinar to explore the expansive umbrella of neurodiversity and discover the strategic benefits of fostering a workplace that is inclusive of all employees, no matter their thinking styles. Kaela Sosa, CDE® will provide actionable best practices for nurturing cognitive diversity within your organization. Learn how to celebrate, respect, and appreciate neurodiversity throughout the year.

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Kaela Sosa

Kaela (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and curriculum and programming manager at The Diversity Movement. She applies her writing, project management, and production skills to advance DEI.