Diverse team in meeting

Why is inclusive language important?

Articles Feb 28, 2023

Examples and Tips for Better Communication with Diverse Teams

As workplaces become increasingly diverse, it’s important to show that everyone is valued for who they are. That’s why using inclusive language is so important. Anyone who works on a well-functioning team understands that inclusive language can help build relationships, improve communication, and in general, help people work better together.

It’s also important to consider the alternative: What happens when we say things that unintentionally offend another person or make them uncomfortable? Our thoughtless word choices might alienate a colleague or make them not want to work with us or at the company.

The words and phrases we use demonstrate the way we think, how we were raised, and how we see others. And unfortunately, sometimes we reach for words out of habit that don’t reflect our values. Many common expressions reinforce outdated attitudes about gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class, disability, and age. Practicing inclusive language – being mindful of how we speak to each other – helps us form new conversational habits.


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