Autumn Nicholas singing

“Who We Are”: New TDM Music Video With Autumn Nicholas Inspires Inclusion

Articles Aug 25, 2021

There’s strumming, there’s singing, and then, there is truth telling. Singer-songwriter Autumn Nicholas is used to weaving a beautiful tapestry of all three, using what Billboard Magazine calls ‘stellar pop/R&B sound’ to “tackle the issues that are important to her head-on.” For Autumn, songwriting is far deeper than a cerebral endeavor, however. She creates art with her whole heart, and that includes her new “Who We Are” music video, launching today in collaboration with The Diversity Movement (TDM).

The Diversity Movement learned about Autumn after her 2020 release, “Side by Side,” which she produced for the local non-profit, Band Together. A queer, biracial, award-winning artist and performer, Autumn writes and sings about diverse causes. Many of her messages center around belonging, acceptance, and equal rights, so she felt like a natural partner to help communicate TDM’s vision of a diverse and inclusive society -- one where every person feels safe to be their authentic self and to fully contribute at work, at play, in their communities, and in their families.


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