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What is International Pronouns Day?

Articles Oct 20, 2021

International Pronouns Day (IPD) is a day for everyone, particularly those in the transgender and nonbinary community, to be open about and celebrate their pronouns. It takes place on the third Wednesday of October each year. International Pronouns Day began in 2018 and has since become widely known, especially on social media, with many people wearing stickers or pins to publicly declare their pronouns, in some cases for the very first time.

Although it is a relatively new holiday, it is an important one. Now more than ever, we are seeing people from every background becoming more open about who they are, which includes sharing details such as their gender identity. IPD is a day to celebrate those who are outside of the gender binary, as well as those who have transitioned between the binary, and learn about the language they use to describe themselves.


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