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The Ultimate Guide to Reversing Your Toxic Culture

Articles Jul 18, 2022

Your workplace culture influences how employees interact, communicate, perform, and even how long they stay at your company. A positive workplace culture incentivizes retention, continued engagement, productivity, and growth, while the opposite is true as well.

A toxic workplace culture leads to employee burnout, high turnover, lower engagement, reduced productivity, less innovation, and damage to profits.

The Great Resignation shows just how important it is to correct and prevent a toxic culture in your organization – nearly 4 million people quit their jobs every month of 2021. While many conversations about the Great Resignation focused solely on workers’ discontent with wages and benefit packages, in actuality, a toxic work culture was the top reason employees gave for quitting their jobs, according to a recent MIT Sloan study.


Kurt Merriweather

Kurt Merriweather (he/him) is a Certified Diversity Executive, vice president of Innovation for The Diversity Movement, and thought leader in building teams that integrate DEI and technology.