A multigenerational team collaborates

The New Age of Working: Getting the Most from Your Multigenerational Workforce

Guidebooks Apr 29, 2024

With demographic shifts leading to increasingly multigenerational workforces, forward-thinking organizations must leverage the unique assets of every individual to create innovative, high-performing teams. Four generations might be working together, yet common age-related biases can interfere with productivity, employee engagement, and long-term business success. Our guide to navigating the multigenerational workplace can help foster collaboration using practical strategies to promote understanding and mitigate ageism.

Discover how to harness the knowledge and experience of older workers while embracing the energy and fresh perspectives of younger workers. Get actionable advice to cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging; learn how formal mentoring programs, employee resource groups (ERGs), and other tactics can ensure your company remains competitive in an evolving workforce landscape. Prepare for the future of work by prioritizing inclusive practices and creating a welcoming workplace where everyone can thrive, regardless of age.


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