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The Diversity Holidays Workshop: How to Plan Inclusive Workplace Celebrations

Webinars Feb 7, 2023

February 7, 2023

Join us to learn how to prioritize diverse holiday observances for your organization, tips for authentic celebrations, and best practices for planning and communication. We'll even share some examples for Black History Month!

What You'll Learn

Keeping track of diverse holidays, heritage months, and cultural observances isn’t easy. Authentically and intentionally observing and celebrating them is even harder. How do you choose which holidays to recognize, especially as the global workforce becomes increasingly multicultural? You may be feeling pressure to highlight every observance while also realizing you can’t dedicate the time needed to do so genuinely and respectfully.

Join us to learn:

  • How to prioritize holidays and observances for your workplace
  • Best practices for observing diverse celebrations authentically, rather than performatively
  • Ways to involve your staff in the development of holiday programming
  • How to communicate internally and externally about cultural events

We’ll also include programming recommendations for observing Black History Month.


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Susie is an educator, artist, and entrepreneur who is known for translating sensitive topics into meaningful discussions. Her career in public education spanned 18 years and in 2015, she founded With Pride Consulting to create actionable change for the LGBTQ+ population in schools and the workplace.

Today, Susie's unique perspective and future-ready business strategies are amplified as a Senior Consultant and Innovation Strategist at The Diversity Movement where she drives awareness and shared accountability across all diversity traits. Susie’s expertise has deepened recruitment pools, increased employee productivity, and boosted companies’ bottom lines.


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