Leslie with her child

Parent Allyship: Disappointment and Gratitude for How The World Treats My Non-Binary Kid

Articles Jul 15, 2021

A trip to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal is usually an exciting event (nuggets for my kid and extra fries for me if said kid is feeling generous), but today was different. Maybe because I work for a diversity company? Maybe because I am the mother of a child with they/them pronouns? Maybe because I never paid enough attention before?

After we ordered, the server asked me if the meal was “for a boy or a girl.” I hesitated. Both? Neither? Does it really matter? Considering their long-term investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, I honestly thought McDonald’s, as an organization, would stand against gendering toys or people, so I was shocked to be asked, and my kid was on high alert. What a quick way to throw a wrench in our day. I guess I just expected more.


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