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Navigating the 2020 Election Outcome with Your Employees

Articles Oct 29, 2020

It’s Wednesday, November 4. The election is finally over and we have a new president….or the same president. Maybe it’s still too close to call or one of the candidates refuses to accept the outcome. Wherever we find ourselves when we turn on the television as we pour our morning cup of coffee, one thing is for sure — today will not be business as usual.

Following the 2016 election, one study estimated that the effect on job performance resulted in approximately $700 million in lost productivity on the day following the election. In 2020, with a brighter spotlight on racial injustice, a fractured economy, and a pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 225,000 Americans, employers should be mindful of the effects that this election may have on their employees.


Jackie Ferguson

Jackie (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and vice president of Content and Programming for The Diversity Movement. She wrote the best-seller The Inclusive Language Handbook.