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Kurt Merriweather (he/him) is a Certified Diversity Executive, product strategist and marketing thought leader that builds solutions through integrating DEI and technology.

Before co-founding The Diversity Movement, Kurt was VP of Strategy and Transformation at Walk West where he was responsible for developing new business concepts and ventures. With over 20 years of experience, Kurt has worked for global brands like Discovery, AOL, and Procter & Gamble, where he developed technology products and solutions, created go-to-market strategies, led multidisciplinary teams to spinout new ventures, and received a patent for developing a streaming media application. Kurt holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

What Your Workforce and Customers Want – But May Not Tell You
Across industries, companies are grappling with what it means to live and breathe DEI values. In this blog, we’re breaking down tips to get started.
Building great companies and products begins with integrating DEI into the culture necessary to create high-performing teams.

How ESG and DEI Work to Create Sustainable Business Success
Learn what are ESG metrics, why they’re important now (especially to investors), and how diversity, equity, and inclusion influences ESG.
Linking DEI and ESG enables organizations to improve their brand reputation, connect with customers, and attract more investors.

Why Does Diversity and Inclusion Matter?
Gain a better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the context of the workplace, the many ways to foster feelings of belonging and loyalty among your employees, and how an inclusive environment can unlock the impressive power of diversity throughout your organization.
DEI practices deliver greater innovation, faster problem solving and higher level of profitability.

A Roadmap for Creating a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry
Our roadmap to investing in DEI has been specifically designed for leaders who recognize the business case for DEI and are interested in gaining practical advice for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Diversified portfolios create greater growth with lower risk. The same is true of your teams.

How Small Businesses Can Collect and Use DEI Data to Boost Growth
Learn how small businesses can gather diversity and inclusion metrics through anonymous surveys and stays and exit interviews to boost growth.
Even small organizations can make progress with DEI using data. Learn a few ways to get started today.

DEI and Innovation: Building Innovative Teams, with Sharon Delaney McCloud
Organizations that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion are proven to be fundamentally more efficient, profitable, and successful while creating a unified culture.
Innovation begins with the strength of your team not just the strength of your technology stack.

Ideas that Work: High-Impact, Cost-Effective DEI Strategies for Every Business
Learn cost-effective strategies for making progress on your DEI initiatives, even when your budget is limited.
Incorporating DEI into your business can be done no matter the size of your budget.

DEI for Startups: A Quick Reference
DEI advances innovation and creates stronger returns. Integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into your startup from the early stages will help you build competitive advantage, nurture innovation, and create a culture where the best ideas win.
Organizations that are founded with DEI at the core have an advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

How to Create a User Guide for Better Communication
Just as an instruction manual helps you understand how to use an appliance when it’s brand new, a user guide helps colleagues better understand one another more quickly.
Sharing more about who you are will help you develop stronger relationships in the workplace.

Expert Advice: Smart Leaders Invest in DEI, Even in Tough Times
But investing in DEI isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessary business expense for companies that want to strengthen their brand, retain high-performing talent, protect themselves from costly legal actions, and weather economic downturns.
DEI helps organizations weather recessions and innovate as a competitive advantage during downturns.
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