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How Small Businesses Can Collect and Use DEI Data to Boost Growth

Articles Jan 13, 2023

Attract Talented Staff and Create High-Performing Teams with Targeted Strategy

As we begin 2023, emerging and mid-sized businesses are in survival mode — looking for ways to preserve cash and protect themselves against uncertainty. To weather the storm, organizations are placing a premium on efficiency and team effectiveness. And leaders are being asked to reduce risk, satisfy customers, and take care of their people using fewer resources and smaller budgets.

Many teams have stopped investing in their people in order to deliver higher short-term profitability. This response to uncertainty will lead to an erosion in the culture and the best people will resign — even in small organizations.

Don’t take your people for granted, because they still have options. Demand for labor is still running well ahead of supply in spite of headlines that are dominated by layoffs in big tech. Emerging and mid-sized businesses have a golden opportunity to hire and keep top talent, especially those from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups. Companies that empower inclusive teams of people from diverse backgrounds — and understand what they need to succeed — have been proven to thrive during times of recession.


Kurt Merriweather

Kurt Merriweather (he/him) is a Certified Diversity Executive, vice president of Innovation for The Diversity Movement, and thought leader in building teams that integrate DEI and technology.