Two inclusive leaders talk about reliability in the workplace

Inclusive Leadership: Reliability is the Foundation of Business and Trusted Relationships

Articles Jan 25, 2024

Reliability has been the bedrock of business since the earliest humans bartered goods and services. Then, as now, a person’s integrity and their reputation led to prosperity and strong interpersonal relationships. In fact, reliability is so foundational that it is often overlooked as a management skill. We think about charisma as a primary trait of strong leaders, but leadership is impossible without reliability.

Being a reliable leader means doing what you say you will do each and every time, while also ensuring your actions are fair and accurate. The hallmarks of reliable leaders include dependability, dedication to high-quality work, and adhering to timelines and budgets. Every interaction is an opportunity to build trust and strengthen relationships—whether with colleagues, employees, or customers. 

When an executive gets to the C-suite, reliability is a baseline expectation, explains Donald Thompson, CEO and Co-founder of The Diversity Movement. 


Jackie Ferguson

Jackie (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and vice president of Content and Programming for The Diversity Movement. She wrote the best-seller The Inclusive Language Handbook.