Woman leader stands at a white board, collaborating with four of her team members.

Inclusive Leadership: Master a Growth Mindset to Drive Success and Invigorate Your Team

Articles Dec 19, 2023

You can’t win the game if you’re standing still. It’s an obvious point, but an essential one in our rapidly changing business environment. Highly successful executives are always looking for ways to improve themselves and their organization. They constantly ask, “What’s working? Where can we improve? What’s next?”  

This attitude is the essence of a growth mindset, and it’s a clear competitive advantage. Senior leaders who are open to new ideas are more likely to take risks that pay off, adapt quickly to new challenges, and leverage the power of their diverse workforce. 

For me, having a growth mindset is the single greatest skill that motivates and governs all other skills. I often describe this outlook as “competitive learning,” but the concept is the same – to push toward continuous improvement, to seek out mentors and coaches who will help you grow, and to embrace the fact that you can always get better.

As corporate executives, our success hinges on our ability to innovate quickly, synthesize information, and make decisions (frequently with limited scope). We cannot know which skills will make the crucial difference in each day’s success, so we must continually search for new and stronger ideas. By constantly refreshing our personal skill set, we can immediately apply the insights we have learned to spark critical thinking, meaningful change, and ongoing success. 


Donald Thompson

Donald Thompson, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 Southeast Award winner, is a globally respected business leader, CEO of The Diversity Movement, CDE, and author of Underestimated.