Inclusive leaders collaborate around a conference table

Inclusive Leadership: Accountability and Other Crucial Skills of Capable Executives

Articles Jan 16, 2024

Everyone wants to work for a capable boss, but what exactly does that mean? A high-performing leader is by definition good at their job, but true capability encompasses more than mere competence. Capable leaders make everyone around them better. They set a standard for excellence that permeates the entire organization. 

Competence instills confidence, and employees are more likely to trust a leader who demonstrates deep subject matter expertise. A leader’s expert guidance can ensure the success of a project, even when it has been delegated to a less-experienced team member. Employees can more easily get the resources they need when their boss has a deep understanding of the process and the objectives. 

The most capable leaders also have the emotional intelligence to inspire their team, develop meaningful relationships, and create psychological safety. They cultivate an inclusive workplace culture where everyone’s unique talents are appreciated and all employees can do their best work. These safe and collaborative environments spark innovation and efficient problem-solving, leading to higher employee satisfaction and better business results.


Andy Elliott DeRoin

Andy (they/them) is a Certified Diversity Executive and project manager for Products at The Diversity Movement to help innovate and grow product-related activities.