An Inclusive Leader Speaks to a Diverse Team

Inclusive Leadership: 7 Secrets to Better Workplace Communication and Stronger Teams

Articles Nov 6, 2023

If you were asked to think of an outstanding leader, it’s likely they would be an above average communicator. For millennia, the words of great leaders have inspired people to follow them. Charismatic leaders harness their communication skills to connect with their listeners and move them to act.

There’s no question that effective leaders depend on good communication skills, but just because someone has the “gift of gab,” doesn’t mean they are an effective leader. History is also full of rabble-rousers, stone-throwers, and flashy con artists who seek only fame or personal enrichment. In fact, many highly effective leaders prefer to avoid the limelight entirely and focus instead on supporting their team and getting things done. 

In fact, high-performing teams are key to succeeding in an increasingly diverse and volatile global economy. Diverse teams – led by individuals with inclusive leadership skills – drive better business results through innovation and improved decision-making. Inclusive leadership capabilities naturally align with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices, which enable leaders to tap into diverse viewpoints and amplify the talents of a diverse workforce. Good communication is essential, and inclusive leaders use their conversational skills to build meaningful relationships with team members, colleagues, and everyone else they encounter. 

Leadership Communication in Action

Inclusive leaders cultivate welcoming workplaces where people feel valued, included, and encouraged to contribute their best work. They focus on their teams in order to survive and thrive, and this comes through in their everyday interactions. Conversations are authentic and transparent, and before making decisions, inclusive leaders listen to many perspectives.


Bob Batchelor

Bob Batchelor is Director, Public Relations & Publications at The Diversity Movement. TDM is a product-led consultancy that ties diversity initiatives to real business outcomes.