White man talking to conference room full of diverse people

Inclusive Language in the Tech Sector: Why It Matters, and How to Make It Happen

Articles Jun 3, 2022

Inclusive language is the practice of choosing your words mindfully in a way that shows respect for the varied experiences, backgrounds, and identities of all the people around you. As values like diversity and inclusion play an increasingly important role in decision-making for consumers, shareholders, and job seekers alike, inclusive language must become a foundational aspect of all your business communications – including your employee handbook and manuals, your marketing messaging, and the way you speak with customers and clients on a daily basis. Otherwise, you’re going to fall behind.

The best way to put inclusive language into practice varies widely by industry. My book, The Inclusive Language Handbook: A Guide to Better Communication and Transformational Leadership, co-authored with The Diversity Movement’s Head of Content and Programming, Jackie Ferguson, includes specific recommendations for inclusive language in healthcare, retail, education, government and public services, insurance, finance, manufacturing, and more. Here, I want to zoom in to focus on the tech sector specifically, with best-practice recommendations for implementing inclusive language at both the individual and organization-wide levels.


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