Group of young professional marketers around a table

How Inclusive Marketing Helps Small Teams Do More with Less

Articles May 1, 2023

In virtually every industry and at every stage of the business life cycle, downsizing and budget tightening are inevitable. Yet, circling the wagons and waiting for a business ebb to flow again is not an option. Marketers especially must grow their brands despite economic challenges.

Even when layoffs and budget cuts hit the marketing department, savvy marketers can grow their audience and spur them to action by integrating the elements of inclusive marketing into their strategy. Small marketing teams with limited resources can squeeze more out of each dollar of their marketing spend by reaching the widest audience possible. The power of any message is magnified when more people feel that what they are hearing and seeing is meant for them.

And a growing pool of evidence shows that increased engagement and trust translate into increased revenue.


Allison Bennett

Allison Bennett, CDE, is Manager, Inclusive Marketing at The Diversity Movement. She provides B2B digital marketing with experience in project management and building professional development courses.