Rows of colorful glowing red Chinese lanterns hanging high across the street during Lunar New Year Celebrations.

Guest Blog: What is the Lunar New Year?

Articles Jan 21, 2021

Although sometimes called Chinese New Year in the United States, Lunar New Year is observed across Asia, including in Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Tibet, and other countries. This holiday, honoring a new year based on the annual cycles of the moon, has different names across the globe, including Chunjie (China), Tet (Vietnam), Seollal (South Korea), and Losar (Tibet), among others.

It begins on the first new moon of the year and ends on the first full moon, 15 days later. Lunar New Year usually arrives between January 21 and February 20 on the Gregorian calendar, depending on a year’s moon cycles. In 2022, it will begin February 1.


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