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Guest Blog: Small Investment Yields Greater Impact

Articles Jan 20, 2021

I had the pleasure of participating in a 4- Day Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) prep course with The Diversity Movement. The facilitation from the DEI champions, Donald, Jackie, Kurt, and Sharon at The Diversity Movement was amazing, because they provided real-life examples and strategies on ways to apply the course content to our daily lives. The cohort consisted of 12 individuals, from different backgrounds, but our common goal was to enhance our personal growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion from the executive level.

Why Me?

The passion for HR and diversity, equity, and inclusion truly came while working with a small organization and having to wear multiple hats. I learned to be an innovator, visionary thinker, and problem solver while assessing the needs of my colleagues and organization. I noticed that although we had a diverse organization, we lack equity and inclusion as a result of not having people of color in senior leadership.  It is important for HR professionals to bring awareness to this, which includes having difficult conversations, changing embedded systems that are not equitable for all in the workplace, and increasing our understanding of why this matters.


Guest Author

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