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Donald Thompson, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Southeast Award winner, is a globally respected and sought-after business leader with a proven track record of success in growing firms. As a CEO, speaker, investor, advisor, entrepreneur, and executive coach, Thompson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to any organization. Don is a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and CEO & Co-founder of The Diversity Movement, the creators of TDM Library. He is passionate about driving cultural transformation and delivering solid returns for employees and shareholders.

Under his leadership, The Diversity Movement has earned numerous accolades, including Inc. Magazine's 2021 Best in Business List in DE&I Advocacy and Fast Company's 2022 "world-changing ideas." In addition, Thompson is a three-time Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies winner, named to the Forbes Next 1000 List, the Business North Carolina Power 100 List, and winner of the 2023 Independent Press Distinguished Favorite Book Award in Leadership.

He serves on twelve boards across various industries, including marketing, health, and finance. Thompson is also the author of the book Underestimated and hosts the podcast “High Octane Leadership in an Empathetic World,” both of which provide valuable insights for business leaders. With his competitive learning mindset, Thompson delivers actionable insights and is the perfect partner for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
Follow him on LinkedIn for updates on news, events, and his podcast, or contact him at for executive coaching, speaking engagements, or DEI-related content. Working with Thompson is an opportunity to learn from one of the best and take your organization to new heights.

Hard Work and Grit Leads to Success: Lessons from an “Unlikely” CEO
In Underestimated: A CEO’s Unlikely Path to Success, Don shares his story in the hope that it will inspire “folks who maybe don’t have a traditional pedigree of what success looks like,” he says.
I don't think in terms of having “made it.” Have I done a few things that have worked out well? Absolutely. But I'm always chasing what's next.

10 Actions You Can Take Today to Be More Inclusive At Work
Diversity, equity, and inclusion can sound vague if you don’t know how it translates into everyday action. Here are 10 things you can do today to create a more inclusive work environment.
Follow these 10 actionable steps to be more inclusive and watch your organization thrive.

DEI Champions Needed: How to Ensure Lasting Leadership Buy-In
Successful DEI initiatives require money, time, and personnel, but how can you gain leadership buy-in to secure these essential resources, especially in times of economic uncertainty? Join us for a free webinar to learn how.
Culture-centric companies and leaders understand that embedding DEI into an organization’s DNA is essential to win in today’s (and tomorrow’s) marketplace. This insightful webinar provides 10 ways to create workplace excellence.

5-Step Roadmap to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Success in 2023: Integrating DEI into Business Strategy
As you build your budget and priorities for next year, plan for DEI initiatives. Here’s the five key steps to implement DEI in your organization.
This white paper outlines how to create diversity-led initiatives that increase revenue, lead to greater innovation, improve retention, and increase employee satisfaction.

4 Reasons Why Diversity Programs Usually Fail
The majority of corporate programs provide only compliance-based diversity education without the comprehensive implementation that’s necessary for culture change.
As a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and a CEO, it’s easy for me to see why DEI initiatives are failing, but I know it’s so much harder to understand when you’re in there, doing the work, but your initiatives are just not generating the results that you expected. Find out what you can do to jumpstart your success by eliminating the common causes of frustration.

Why Should Business Leaders Care About DEI?
Learn why business leaders should care about DEI in the new economy with concrete examples for Chief Finance Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, sales professionals, and more.
This MicroVideo, culled from our video library that Fast Company labeled a “world changing idea,” explains why business leaders should care about DEI, which leads to increased revenue, collaboration, and overall workplace excellence.

In a Recession, is DEI Essential or Just Nice to Have?
In a Recession, is DEI Essential or Just Nice to Have?
The answer is businesses need to invest in DEI to boost their brand, keep their people, and protect their bottom line. This white paper – drawn from our work with hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of data points – will help you understand the necessity of high-quality diversity-led culture transformation.

Why is Inclusive Language Important?
Benefit from this insightful definition of inclusive language and how it helps people to feel safe, included, and valued. Recognize the damage caused by non-inclusive language. Learn about links between inclusive language and employee productivity and loyalty.
The path to better teams and stronger companies begins with inclusive language, literally the foundation of a successful culture. Watch this MicroVideo to understand how inclusive language choices help people feel safe, included, and valued.

How ESG and DEI Work to Create Sustainable Business Success
Learn what are ESG metrics, why they’re important now (especially to investors), and how diversity, equity, and inclusion influences ESG.
DEI is at the heart of successful ESG efforts and long-term financial success. Read this article to learn how DEI embodies the “S” in ESG and how DEI influences and extends ESG planning and reporting.

What Your Workforce and Customers Want – But May Not Tell You
Across industries, companies are grappling with what it means to live and breathe DEI values. In this blog, we’re breaking down tips to get started.
Customers and employees have higher expectations than ever. This article provides real-world, applicable suggestions for creating a stronger organization with the resilience to win in the ever-changing market.
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