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DEI Champions Needed: How to Ensure Lasting Leadership Buy-In

Webinars Jan 12, 2023

January 12, 2023

Successful DEI initiatives require money, time, and personnel, but how can you gain leadership buy-in to secure these essential resources, especially in times of economic uncertainty? Join us for a free webinar to learn how.

About the Webinar

Many diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders want to jump head-first into goal setting and implementation. But goals can’t be met and plans can’t be enacted without first gaining buy-in throughout the organization. Successful DEI initiatives require money, time, and personnel — resources that are hard to get if a company’s top leaders don’t see the benefits of the investment, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

So how do you gain the enduring buy-in required to move DEI forward?

Join CEO and board member, Donald Thompson to hear it straight from the source. Donald will cover:

  • Making the business case for DEI with decision makers
  • Using the language of the C-Suite to gain support and participation for your initiatives
  • Answering the unspoken question, “what’s in it for me?” for everyone
  • And engaging your stakeholders across the organization

empowering you to gain the support needed to drive sustainable change.

This presentation is just one of seventeen essential lessons and workshops in The Diversity Leader’s Intensive, our comprehensive 4-day certificate program for DEI leaders. Other topics include Inclusion Etiquette, Creating a 1-Year Plan, Counteracting Resistance, and Supplier Diversity.

We’ll share more about the Intensive and the tools it provides to help you lead your practice with power and confidence during the webinar.

Meet the Expert

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Donald Thompson, CDE

Co-Founder & CEO, The Diversity Movement

Donald is CEO and co-founder of The Diversity Movement. Known globally for its groundbreaking DEI programming that drives real-world business results, the company was an Inc. Magazine 2021 Best in Business awardee in DE&I Advocacy. In 2022, Fast Company included its MicroVideo platform in its list of “World Changing Ideas.” Recognized as a Forbes Next 1000 honoree, Thompson was named to the Business North Carolina Power List of leaders making a significant impact on organizations, industries, and communities.

Donald is an entrepreneur, public speaker, author, podcaster, Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), and executive coach. Recognized as a thought leader who brings a broad executive perspective across multiple industries on goal achievement, company culture, and exponential growth, Thompson serves as a board member for several organizations in the fields of technology, marketing, sports, and entertainment. He has led companies that attained successful exits with strong returns for shareholders and employees.


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