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Diversity and Inclusion: It’s More Than Just a Culture

Workplace Culture Feb 3, 2020

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Donald Thompson on June 26, 2019.

Diversity and inclusion has become quite a trending topic in our global society in the last decade but especially in the workplace. Including, acknowledging, and implementing various backgrounds, skills, history, and cultures is in an imperative effort that any business leader should be employing not for the sake of inclusion, but because it translates to success. I just released my first eBook, A Business Leader’s Guide to Driving Diversity Inclusion in the Workplace, which shares my thoughts on the practical results on the subject.


Donald Thompson

Donald Thompson, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 Southeast Award winner, is a globally respected business leader, CEO of The Diversity Movement, CDE, and author of Underestimated.