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Diversity and Inclusion at the Largest Law Firm in Texas: How DEI Transformed the Culture at Jackson Walker

Articles Jun 2, 2022

Transformational change is possible, even at a 135-year-old Texas law firm.

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Dallas-based Jackson Walker was founded in 1887, and now employs more than 450 attorneys at seven locations, making it the largest law firm in the state. While diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) had been important at the company for years, the events of early 2020 pushed the leadership team to become more intentional about their DEI efforts.

The groundwork for change began early that year, after land use/real estate attorney Suzan Kedron became chair of Jackson Walker’s Diversity Committee. Kedron, a partner and a Certified Diversity Professional, immediately added “Inclusion” to the committee name, and in that spirit, opened its membership to any attorney who wanted to serve.

“When I was tasked with taking over the committee in January 2020, I intended to be deliberate in my approach and carefully analyze needs,” she says. “The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent civil unrest that summer was a turning point that shattered my slow and steady plan and fast-tracked the ideas and initiatives we were evaluating.”


Amber Keister

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