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Allies in Action: Building Supportive Work Environments for LGBTQ+ Employees

Webinars Jun 13, 2024

As part of Pride Month observances, organizations should take time to evaluate how they include and support LGBTQ+ employees.

Supporting transitioning employees, providing inclusive healthcare benefits, and revising exclusionary policies are important methods to increase LGBTQ+ inclusion at work. Furthermore, workplace well-being should be top of mind for leaders to foster safe spaces for LGBTQ+ employees to show up as their authentic selves and perform at their highest level.

Yet, many employers are unsure how to move from policy to practice, and a lack of meaningful action can lead to turnover, low productivity, and a toxic work environment. That's where this webinar comes in.

What You'll Learn

Join us for a 1-hour fireside chat hosted by The Diversity Movement’s LGBTQ+ inclusion expert, Susie Silver. Throughout the hour, Susie and our panelists will discuss how to:

  • Support transitioning employees at work
  • Establish and realistically implement inclusive workplace policies
  • Navigate enacting policies in global organizations
  • Respond to current events impacting workplace well-being 
  • Advocate for the next generation of LGBTQ+ employees

Meet the Panel

Headshot of Susie smiling

Susie Silver (she/her)

Director of Client Success, The Diversity Movement

Susie is a nationally-recognized DEI thought leader. A Certified Diversity Executive, she has worked with more than 200 clients as a consultant, facilitator, strategist, and speaker. Susie specializes in leadership development, LGBTQ+ inclusion, employee resource group/DEI council development, and organizational business strategy. She works collaboratively with clients in creating culture-centric and business focused goals, as well as facilitates workshops, listening, and discussion sessions. Her reputation for being up-front and authentic about DEI topics has contributed to Susie’s success and she meets each client where they are in their unique DEI journey. Susie’s approach, paired with her down to earth humor, compels groups to share openly and feel safe while they are learning.

Susie’s career includes 18 years in public education and in 2015, she founded With Pride Consulting to create actionable change for the LGBTQ+ population in workplace and educational institutions. Today, her unique perspective and future-ready business strategies are amplified as the Director of Client Success at TDM. Susie’s expertise has deepened recruitment pools, increased employee productivity, and boosted companies’ bottom lines.

Headshot of Deanna Jones

Deanna Jones (she/her)

Business Solutions Manager, Cisco

Vice President, Harmony: NC LGBT+ Allied Chamber of Commerce

Deanna has worked in the technology field In sales and operations roles for 30 years, including 24 years at Cisco Systems. She is the Vice President of Harmony LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce and is also a member of Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. In 2019 Deanna transitioned to her authentic self while working at Cisco Systems. Since transitioning, Deanna has become very involved with the LGBT+ community. She has a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion Training from eCornell. She also works with small to midsize companies on ways to make their workplaces more LGBTQ+-friendly and is also a keynote speaker.

Headshot of Leandra Stanley

Leandra Stanley (she/they)

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Comscore

Leandra leads the development and implementation of DEIB programs and initiatives that foster a culture of belonging and equity for all employees at Comscore. With over five years of experience in data and operations content management, she brings a unique perspective and skill set to this role, combining analytical thinking, cross-functional communication, and project management abilities.

Leandra's mission is to advance inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging not only within Comscore, but also in the broader community and industry. She serves as a subject matter expert and a public representative for Comscore's DEIB efforts, building partnerships and networks with other D&I professionals and organizations. She also evaluates and ensures that NASA-funded science activities align with the core value of inclusion, and participate in a global networking community that connects diverse professionals.

Headshot of Dan Martin

Dan Martin (he/him)

Vice President of Brand, Content, and Product Marketing, DHI Group

Dan Martin is a senior marketing and communications leader, content strategist, brand and product experience evangelist, and award-winning creator. In his current role as vice president of marketing, he leads brand and content marketing for DHI Group, Inc. (DHX: NYSE). Dan also serves as the executive sponsor of the organization’s Pride Team Member Impact Group, an LQBTQIA+ employee resource group.

Want to hear more from Dan? Check out his column at "Ask the Expert: Creating an Inclusive Community through Curiosity and Vulnerability" for more!


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