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AAPI Heritage Month Programming Guide

Guidebooks Apr 28, 2024

May is Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month, also known as AAPI Heritage Month.

Honoring the influence, contributions, and achievements of people of Asian and Pacific Island heritage is a great way for organizations to celebrate employees’ diverse cultural backgrounds. But what if you aren't sure how to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month at work?

Our programming guide contains advice and suggestions to plan, organize, and execute meaningful Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month activities that foster cultural awareness, understanding, and appreciation. From informative workshops and educational resources to strategies for strengthening your allyship and countering anti-AAPI bias, our guide is packed with tips to ensure your celebration is respectful, engaging, and memorable for everyone – regardless of their ethnic background. Download our guidebook, and take the first step toward a memorable and uplifting AAPI Heritage Month.


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