An inclusive group of employees wave goodbye to an employee

7 Ways to Conduct Layoffs while Protecting an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Checklists Feb 21, 2024

Since the start of 2024, more than 140 technology companies have cut staff, and the job cuts don’t seem to be slowing down. Other industries are shedding staff as well, from media companies like Paramount to logistics giant UPS. As we continue to see, workforce reduction is a common method to cut costs and increase efficiency, yet it is also disruptive and emotionally difficult. 

While the impact is obvious for those losing their jobs, layoffs can also take a toll on those remaining at the company. Uncertainty and mistrust of management can damage workplace relationships and sap employee morale. Then too, layoffs often mean increased workloads or new demands that heighten performance pressures and risk burnout. And finally, a mismanaged or indelicately handled restructuring may cause long-term or permanent damage to a company’s most important asset – its brand reputation.


Amber Keister

Amber (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and content strategist for The Diversity Movement. She writes, researches, and edits TDM articles, guides, videos, and more.