Montgomery, Alabama skyline

4 Montgomery Organizations Getting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Right

Articles Sep 27, 2021

During his keynote address at the 2021 Consumer Technology Association Convention, WalMart CEO Doug McMillon had this advice for CEOs who wish to improve their company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts: look inward.

“Change actually starts from within each one of us,” he said. “Our biases, conscious and unconscious, need to be dealt with individually and collectively.” For McMillon, part of that journey has included visits to Montgomery, AL to gain a better understanding of U.S. history and to have conversations with participants in the Civil Rights movement.

McMillon isn’t the only one who considers a visit to Montgomery an important step in understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In recent years, management teams from all industries across the country have flocked to this Southern city on the Gulf Coast to participate in diversity training and visit the area’s numerous Civil Rights landmarks.


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