Diversity Beyond the Checkbox

Empowering Individuals: How to Overcome Trauma and Manage Mental Health with Dr. Fanike-Kiara Young

Podcasts Apr 4, 2023

Join Integrative Wellness Program Designer and Business Profit Growth Strategist, Dr. Fanike-Kiara Young, as she shares her expertise in mental health, trauma, and self-care. With a focus on personal development, mindset, and emotional intelligence, Dr. Fanike helps individuals navigate workplace wellness and business strategy, empowering them to achieve greater self-confidence and enhanced leadership. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation on designing effective wellness systems for yourself, your business, and your world.


Jackie Ferguson

Jackie (she/her) is a Certified Diversity Executive and vice president of Content and Programming for The Diversity Movement. She wrote the best-seller The Inclusive Language Handbook.